wiring solar controller

greenthumb76 Solar Expert Posts: 40
I just bought this 15A controller, and will be attaching it to my 110 watt solar panel array (on 10 & 12 awg wire) and to my batteries (on 4 awg).

Unlike my previous controller, this one has no leads, so I will need to make short leads myself (4 awg wire will not fit into the small holes).

(40 watts of solar panels on 12awg and 70 watts of panels on 10awg join just before a 20A ATC fuse.
Then about 6" of wiring that came with the fuse holder (12g?) will attach the fuse holder to the solar controller lead that I make.
The batteries are on 4 awg and there is no fuse between the batteries and the controller).

My questions are:
    will it be ok to make each of the leads from about 4-6" of 12awg wire?
  1. Where can I find info on the correct gauge wire to use with a fuse (so the wire I use doesn't act as a fuse instead?)?

Thanks for your help!