does any of the off-grid controllers...

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since a battery monitor is often recomended here and I may be looking for a new off-grid controller I wanted to see if anyone knows of an off-grid controller that has full battery monitoring available?

not metering, full monitoring that tracks amp hrs in and out with a shunt.

Id rather have it all in one unit with a remote meter but also able to connect to a laptop for programing and data aquisition.



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    Re: does any of the off-grid controllers...

    Outback offers a battery monitor option for their controllers. I don't know anything about them.

    Apollo also offers an integrated monitor (something from Bogart, iirc). Apollo was dropped by our host because of high field returns.

    I like Xantrex and Victron Energy battery monitors because they have a controllable output you can programs based on state of charge. Nice for an alarm or a custom generator controller.

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    Re: does any of the off-grid controllers...

    The Apollo solar charge controllers have a built in trimetric monitor.
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