Grape Panels

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Anyone thoughts on Grape Solar products. I understand that they are Located in Oregon and there are lots of installations there.


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    Re: Grape Panels

    They don't actually build panels; they import them from China. So they'd be the same quality as any other Chinese-made panel/product. :roll:

    Apparently they have quite a few installs in Ontario, in compliance with the microFIT program there. Perhaps one of my fellow Canadians from the Dark Province (:p) has some further info.
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    Re: Grape Panels

    My understanding was that they were made in China in the same plant as Suntech. and yes then sold out of Eugene Oregon.

    Another thing was that their warranty was guaranteed by Chubb.

    I was hoping someone could comment on this.

    It is like the wild west :roll: here right now with so many panels flooding in.

    BTW there is Pileated woodpecker that shows up here every so often
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    Re: Grape Panels

    I looked into them because the name sound cool. They're crappy, lower-end generic Chinese panels given a cool name and desperately associated with Oregon to give them credibility. Its a disorganized outfit that might not be around in a few years. Much much better choices out there.