Need Help Selecting A Small TreadMill Motor For Small Project...

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Hey guys/ladies,

I'm a bit new when it comes to DIY wind-turbine. I was watching some YouTube videos and stubbled upon some people using Treadmill motors as the wind turbine motor, which I thought was cool, so I went to eBAy to check out the prices of the motors, and some were fairly cheap which is why I'm interested in possibly making my own small wind turbine just for fun.

The problem is, I'm not 100% which motor I need since there were so many, I was hoping someone here could link me to a few affordable motors on eBay which are under $50.00?

Again, this project is only for fun and is meant to help get me exposed to 1 method of creating a wind-turbine. I first just want to play around with the motor, and the rest I will learn as I go. :)