Waterpoofing our penetrations

We do most of our installs on sloped roofs, and use Oatey no-caulks to waterproof the stand-offs. We've tried a few things for waterproofing them on flat roofs, but so far we're not happy with any of them.

Any suggestions? The legs are only 4" high so we don't have room for a classic cone -- they're normally 6" high. Is there something like a no-caulk for flat roofs? (a slip-on fitting)



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    Re: Waterpoofing our penetrations

    Oatey 11830 or 11831 No-Calk flashings can be used with most round standoff (like the ProSolar FastJacks) on flat roofs.

    The trick is to prep and seal the roof properly - you need to prep the roof surface, apply roofing sealant, set the flashing, apply roofing tape around edge of flashing, apply more roofing sealant and then apply roofing patch over flashing. Finally when the roofing sealant has cured you can paint with a reflective white roof paint for good measure. Pretty standard roof repair on a flat or low-tilt rolled roof.

    Don't forget to apply the appropriate sealant under the standoff just in case, too.
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    Re: Waterpoofing our penetrations

    I'm getting ready to do a low sloped (10 degrees)roof install. Roof is a built up roof. Many options were not open to us, but we looked at tons. Right now I'm leaning toward the Quick Foot by EcoFasten Solar. Either of you tried it?


    They have a guide on this page that lists what roof types work with which products. They have engineering info and water tight info there.