xw6048 questions related to back up gen

A few months ago I had some issue with the xw selling off my battery power. Through the help of a few guys on the board and solar guppy I was able to get it resolved! Thanks guys.
One of the recommendations that were made was for me to turn off the charger feature on the XW and only use it once every few months to maintain my battery bank, which is fine since my float voltage requirements, are always being met when the sun is out. So all is Kosher 98% of the time.

Now here is my question. My battery bank is sized to roughly run my critical loads for 24 hours during a power outage. At the end of that 24 hours or at 50% of my battery capacity (around 48.8 volts) the generator should kick on. Now the question is if the charger feature is in the disabled mode how will the batteries get charged?
Also if my voltage is set in the charging menu to 48.8volts as the voltage for the next charging cycle. Then it should be safe to say that after the initial charging from turning the charger feature to "enable", it should not run another charging cycle until it hits the 48. volts, once it is done with its programmed float time. So there is really no reason to turn off this feature at all right?
Or is there something I am missing?

This is a grid tied system with battery and gen support.


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    Re: xw6048 questions related to back up gen

    One more note. It looks like the only time I would get down to a voltage low enough to kick on the generator is only durring the time of low sun light since are pannels keep up with most of the home loads when the sun is out.
    So I guess I need to throw the brakers for the pannels and the power for the AC1 load comming in and find out if the generator kicks on and the xw charges the batts or not.
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