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While trying to decide whether to buy Crown L-16s or a forklift traction battery, I came across this site:

and found this information most helpful, and thought I would share it here:

"Automotive batteries typically have plates about .040" (4/100") thick, while forklift batteries may have plates more than 1/4" (.265" for example in larger Rolls-Surrette) thick - almost 7 times as thick as auto batteries.

The typical golf cart will have plates that are around .07 to .11" thick.
the US Battery and Trojan L-16 types are .090"
The Concorde AGM's are .115"
The Rolls-Surrette L-16 type (CH460) is .150"
The Crown L-16HC size has .22" thick plates.

While plate thickness is not the only factor in how many deep cycles a battery can take before it dies, it is the most important one.

Most industrial deep-cycle batteries use Lead-Antimony plates rather than the Lead-Calcium used in AGM or gelled deep-cycle batteries. The Antimony increases plate life and strength, but increases gassing and water loss. This is why most industrial batteries have to be checked often for water level if you do not have Hydrocaps. The self discharge of batteries with Lead-Antimony plates can be high - as much as 1% per day on an older battery."

Notice the plate thickness for the Crown L-16s!!
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