Xantrex XW grid-tie meter interface

I'm trying to comply with my utility's requirement for a dedicated kwh meter to measure just the solar production. (they read it once a year to prove compliance with their REC standards) I know on a 120Vac inverter like an outback, you run the Grid AC through one leg of the meter and loop the inverter's output though the other leg. This allows it to measure the power "sold" to the grid as well as the power feeding dedicated loads. Problem comes with trying to use a Xantrex XW system that has 240Vac. Is there a special meter that can handle this or do I need to put in 2 meters? Anybody encountered this situation?


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    Re: Xantrex XW grid-tie meter interface

    Maybe E-mon has a unit that will work:

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    Re: Xantrex XW grid-tie meter interface

    For 240VAC -1 phase 3 wire 2(hots) and neutral standard utility/house type meter and socket. Can pick-up socket at Home Depot/Lowes or local electrical supply.

    If the utility supplies the meter you would just need the socket to be installed and wired between the inverter and main-panel. If they let you provide a meter you can pick one up off of e-bay for around $50 or so. Will be the dial type utility meter.
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