Personal Systems

I see that a lot of users post on their tagline what kind of systems they
are running. If possible I think it would be pretty neat if users on here
would tell about their systems and whether they are grid tied or not, and
if their systems are supplying all their needs. I think it would help people
understand how much different solar/wind/water setups relate to real life.
Not just what some website (thats trying to make a buck) tells you will



  • niel
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    Re: Personal Systems

    yes that sounds good. i had the idea of those in hurricane experiences, but all would be excellent too. i also don't think it matters large or small system either as some want the smaller system. only real p[rpblem with doing this is it will get buried eventually and hence the reason many post it at the bottoms of there posts in their signature area. that would accomodate upgrades in their systems as well, but for the whole story there just wouldn't be room for it.