"Solar has come of age" in Israel

Just watched the CBC National news and there was a report on solar developments, home grown in Israel. One of the things they showed was a "new kind of PV" that operates with a big concentrator. The actual panel was held in a mans hand and looked to be no bigger than 10 inches square. The concentrator looked like an overgrown old type of satellite receiving dish, with the little PV mounted where the LNB head would go if it was a sat receiver. They have installed large solar arrays in the desert and are now able to sell the power at 12 cents per kwh. Their experts are now, or are already involved with a HUGE new solar farm in the USA.
Some very interesting stuff.
Forgot to mention, they claim this little PV, receiving concentrated light, puts out 1500 watts!


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    Re: "Solar has come of age" in Israel

    the problem is still the same with the initial costs of them and the short lifespan due to overheating forcing replacement costs. it does cost them more than just 12 cents/kw, but they wouldn't care as they get tax money to back it up.
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    Re: "Solar has come of age" in Israel

    I wonder if the " HUGE new solar farm in the USA" is the one that is being built near Fresno, California? I can't wait until they start building this solar power plant as it's a couple of hours north of me and I want to go up and take photos of the building process.
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