6 and 12 V Options

Why do some people opt to use 6V batteries in a bank vs. 12V only to wire them up for 12V use?



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    Re: 6 and 12 V Options

    Size and availabilty. Strings of 6 volts tied together to make 12vots, make each battery large capacity, but manageble size. You can even wire giant 2 volts to make 12/24/48vdc strings. Each battery is a managable size, while the entire string wouldn't be. Look at Trojan's or Surrette's web site and you can get a idea of how big some of the batteries are. Mine are 110# @six volts, would make 220# @twelve, with the whole string weighing close to 1000#. I can handle each cell, but not 2, or 4 ect.

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