Flexpower One with two battery banks?

Does anyone know if it would be possible to use an Outback Flexpower One with two battery banks?

In other words can I use an extra charge controller (I would then need one FWPV-12?) with the Flexpower so that there are two Flexmax 80s in the system?


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    Re: Flexpower One with two battery banks?

    Are these two independent battery banks, or do you just want to parallel the two battery banks together for one large battery bank?

    There are switches (like this marine version) that can allow you to switch loads or combine battery banks as you need:

    Blue Sea Battery Switch 1-2-OFF 350 Amp

    Once you define what you need (two independent banks or one combined bank)--then you can look at battery box wiring for two FM-80's or whatever else works for you.

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