Chinese Wind Turbine

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Does anyone on here have any experience with the Windmax wind turbines?

This guys seems to be happy with the two HY-1000 wind turbines that he's had running for several months. I realize that several months is not the same as several YEARS, so time will tell for sure!

Here's a guy in Aruba that has the HY-3000 and seems to like it. I'd be interested in seeing how it holds up over time as well.

Both those wind turbines come from the same Chinese factory.

I wish a US based company would get their act together and offer a viable, reliable, and affordable wind turbine!


  • keyturbocarskeyturbocars Solar Expert Posts: 375 ✭✭
    Re: Chinese Wind Turbine

    After posting, I was thinking that there are a couple US based companies that offer what appear to be decent wind turbines. After doing a lot of reading of other people's experiences, I've come to the conclusion that the TLG-500 and the Whisper 100 (older builds, at least) appear to be good units. Time will tell if the Windmax wind turbines hold up as well as they appear to work in the short term.
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