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Looking for some advice here. I'm making final decisions on what panels I will be ordering, REC230PE-US or Trina TSM-230PA05. Prices are about the same and not an issue. It will be a grid tie system with Enphase inverters in N.E. PA. I'm starting off with just 6 panels for the first year so I can test my location out before buying more. What do you guys think?

Thanks, John


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    Re: REC or Trina

    The California Solar site rates the REC panels a few watts better than the Trina panels - plus the REC panels appear to be manufactured locally (in the USA) so I'd have to give them the nod over Trina.
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    Re: REC or Trina

    I just checked, the Enphase has a MC4 connector. The REC230PE has a Radox 4mm2 twist locking connector.

    I'm ordering (45) REC225PE's. My supplier gave me free shipping since he did not have enough on hand of the REC230PE. I don't mind, but it looks like I need to figure out how to interconnect the micro inverters. I have access to a bunch of Deutsch DTHD04 inline connectors I guess I could re-pin all the connections.
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    Re: REC or Trina

    Sorry I just called my supplier and he said the panels sold in the US (REC230PE) have the MC4 connector. He provided me with a link:
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    Re: REC or Trina

    That is good news. You don't want to get into replacing all of those connectors (plus possible warranty issues with the panel mfg. or the Enphase folks--depending on which you changed out).

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