How are these panels?

Has anyone used ecoSolargy 225w poly modules? They look good and have modules available, but i have never used them.


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    Re: How are these panels?

    Don't know anything about them other than somebody took the time and effort to list them with State of California.

    Their data sheet says they have the full alphabet soup of regulatory approvals for North America.

    Are you planning on using these for a Grid Tied or an off grid system (If off grid, you need to use an MPPT charge controller with them--the Vmp rating is not really set for multiple's of "12 volt" / ~17.5 Volts for use with PWM charge controllers).


    PS: The data sheet I found is missed defining the Series Protection Fuse... Without this number (somewhere around 15-20 amps for this panel?)--The Inspectors could fail your system until you get the fuse rating from the vendor (if you have 3 or more parallel strings/panels).
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    Re: How are these panels?

    I am using them for a grid tie application and the modules are 15amps.
    Thanks for the info.
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    Re: How are these panels?

    how many do you have on your place?