Shurflow pump doesn't pump

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Shureflow stopped pumping. Internals of pump found clean and undamaged.
Pump is used to pump water to solar water heater on the roof; T= max 135F.
Pump has been in operations for approx. 6 years; when the sun shines.
Could the rubber internals have become hardened?
Replace valves and/or diaphragm?
Any suggestions?


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    Re: Shurflow pump doesn't pump

    What I have found with Shurflo 2088 pumps is the bearing, which is bonded to the diaphragm, breaks the bond and the pumping slow considerably or stops. In the past I have just put on a replacement pump for ~$20 and all is well. I use them for irrigation and I burn up about 1 a year. I am going to try to epoxy the bearing back into the diaphragm to see if I can get more life out of it.

    That may not be your problem, but I thought I would share my experience.

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    Re: Shurflow pump doesn't pump

    Thank you for the quick reply.
    The pump I have is a series 8000 very different to what you described. I tried priming it but even after priming it refuses to pump.
    I can blow (mouth) from suction to discharge; this doesn't look good to me.
    I suspect the rubber internals of the pump have become too hard and that the valves don't close properly.
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    Re: Shurflow pump doesn't pump

    A message on another forum made me realizew the importance of any debris
    in the pump.
    I made myself a workplace in the kitchen (the wife was out for the day); filled the sinc with clean water and disassembled the complete pump for the fifth time. Next I cleaned/washed every component before putting it back. I also manged to allign the overload valves/springs in the pump housing.
    I let the suction hose hang in clean water. switched on power and guess what, the pump started clicking and ..... pumping.
    Problem solved
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    Re: Shurflow pump doesn't pump

    the diaphrams can become brittle and leak causing no suction for pumping, also the valve seats can lose their seal with age. inspect the wear and sealing surfaces then look to leakage. i suspect the diaphram may be worn after six years, that is a long time for the average pump part. look to the moving parts that actuate the diaphram also for proper action. the motor if strong and rotating is probably good.
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