3024i in motorhome problem

I have four Kyocera 130w panels and a 3024i with the remote volt-amp readout panel, the small simple one. Installed the 3024i as a upgrade from a 2000i last year when I added a fourth panel. 4ga wire from the roof to the batteries. It has performed very well. We are out for a few days in the MH now and the system has decided it doesn't want to work.

The remote shows three bars where the numbers should be. The indicator light on the controller is not lit. With the controller cover off I am getting 20+ volts at the input terminals and battery voltage at the output to battery terminals. I have read the troubleshooting guide and this particular condition is not addressed.

Does anyone have a idea what the heck is going on??



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    Re: 3024i in motorhome problem

    Bluesky solar charge controller?

    Assuming you still have a good elecrical connection to the DC/Battery output side of the charge controller--then it sounds like you have diagnosed the problem to the controller itself. "High voltage" on the solar panel input, standard 12.5 volts or so on the the output side of the controller and no current flow.

    Probably time to call their support line for help.

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    Re: 3024i in motorhome problem

    Would you happen to know the correct phone number for their support line??

    Update --- Problem solved.

    Talked to "John" at Blue Sky tech support. He said the first thing to try was a reboot. Disconnect one input cable and one output cable-wait 30 secs and hook it back up. That fixed it.

    He said there were a few 3024i's in a manufacturing date range that had some issues. If this ussue continues he told me where to find the build date (Can't see it now) and call them. If it is in the range they will replace it.

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    Re: 3024i in motorhome problem

    why wait until trouble rears its ughly head again and see if that controller is on the recall list and get one that you know works. you paid good money for a fully function unit.
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