No Bolding?

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i find myself missing that to emphasize something, but now i shout it and i'm one who does not like capitals as most everybody knows. or did i overlook it someplace?


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    Re: No Bolding?

    To Bold or not to bold. That is the question. Tis it better to underline or go red.

    Or, can one do all at the same time--tis the winter of our discontent.
    Whether it is
    better to center justify
    or right justify
    in red
    1. Or it is read, lead, red lead
    2. lead the dog,
    3. why not leed?
    All works for me... In the upper right of the Advance Edit menu (or new post menu, there is an A/A. The smaller A is "text+code editing" and the A is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing... You can also go into UserCP and set your default editor type.

    Is this what you were asking about Niel?

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    Re: No Bolding?

    yes, that's what i meant and thanks for pointing it out to me as i missed that before.
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