Auto Water filling

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Has anyone out there tried some of the "auto" water filling setups?

I'd like to hear you wisdom on the subject.



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    Re: Auto Water filling

    Hi CG, Welcome to this Forum,

    IIRC, ' Mangas ' was considering some auto-filling system.

    Personally, if one has minimized the number of cells, and are not overcharging or overheating (high ambient temps), then auto-filling might only be required for unattended power systems.

    Foy my system, battery maintenance takes less than 1 hr/mo. Much of this is monitoring pilot cell(s) SGs, and tweaking CC settings.

    As flooded batteries age, they do consume more water. And there is just about quicker way to kill a battery than running it low on water.

    But, you have been off-grid for some time, so, you know all of the above (to the extent that it is accurate). I'll wait for those who have used these systems to chime in.

    EDIT: in searching this Forum, found this tidbit:

    ' lamplight ' may have done a bit of research FWIW.

    Good Luck, Vic
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