Large PV system in South Florida (pictures)

AntronXAntronX Solar Expert Posts: 462 ✭✭
A place called Anglers Avenue Marine Center located in Dania Beach, Florida is building large grid-tied solar system. Friend of mine happened to be flying by in a helicopter and spotted a roof full of solar panels. Then I went up with him later to take some pictures. Today I stopped by to talk with people there, but general manager was not there. He would be able to tell me specifics of this system. The inverter installed is PVPowered 75 KW unit. It looks like there are 192 panels installed, but they look smaller than usual 3'x6' 190W - 210W panels. So I guess there are about 20 KW of PV installed so far. Inverter had nothing lit up on the display, so I assume it is not operating yet. Here is a set on flickr with pictures:[email protected]/sets/72157624203903487/

Click on pictures below to open larger:



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