DC Powered Sprinkler Valves/Timer

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I'm looking to automate my sprinkler system for my off-grid cabin. My plan is to only have my inverter running for a few hours a week (to power my sprinkler pump). As a result, I'm trying to find sprinkler vavles/timer that can run off the DC side of my system (my batteries), rather than off AC. Does anyone know of any products that will do this? My searching has turned up nothing, other than some that run off 9V or AAA batteries, which I don't like (in case the batteries run dry while unattended, I can't have the well pump pumping wtih the valves closed). Any direction or suggestions would be appreciated - thanks.


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    Re: DC Powered Sprinkler Valves/Timer

    I have used one with a 9volt battery and been fairly happy with it. Replace the battery once per year and you are good to go (used on a small apartment building that would have been a pain to get AC/24 volts to.

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