KC130GT connectors cut off

I acquired some used KC130GT panels for a fairly good price but the connectors had been cut off. This is for a top of pole mount out in a field where there are already 5 other KC120's with room for 5 of the KC130's (60V nominal setup going to a Outback MX60). Outback combiner box is on the pole. What is my best option for connecting these KC130's that have had their connectors cut off? This is a one time installation so don't need a $600 crimping tool :roll: I'm on a farm in very rural areas so would like something that is safe, reliable and works well but does not necessarily meet the current NEC.


  • DaveBDaveB Solar Expert Posts: 48 ✭✭✭
    Re: KC130GT connectors cut off

    It appears that the SolarLok connectors are available in the US (from Newark) in small quantities. It also appears that the crimping used is fairly simple and I should have a crimper that would work with it. Would this be the way to go?
  • AntronXAntronX Solar Expert Posts: 462 ✭✭
    Re: KC130GT connectors cut off

    Are those MC4 connectors? Go buy 6 foot MC4 male to female extention cable and cut it in half. Use crimp splice plugs from any hardware store electrical department to splice MC4 wire with solar panel. Here's example: http://store.solar-electric.com/3fomc4excama.html
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