No Xantrex MPPT Efficiency Graphs?

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I can find graphs for Outback and Morningstar, but I'd searched high and low for numbers on the Xantrex- Anyone know if they exist for Xantrex's XW SCC?



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    Re: No Xantrex MPPT Efficiency Graphs?

    I don't have that info either. :blush: However, the unit's efficiency is at least comparable to its competitors, as it can deliver full output (60 Adc, 3,500 W) at 45 C ambient without the need for a cooling fan.

    And, like other buck converter type controllers, its efficiency is best when the array's operational Vmp is just a bit above the battery bank's target charge voltage.

    Jim / crewzer
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    Re: No Xantrex MPPT Efficiency Graphs?

    Well I am leaning toward getting Morningstar's MPPT at the moment unless I can find some graphs for Xantrex.

    I was looking at the graphs for outback, and it seems like it has a single sized converter that performs well at the middle of it's output rating,
    but declines as you go up or down in array size.

    I read something that made it sound like Morningstar has paralleled smaller converters or something and turns them on as needed for a given output,
    and why they have such a flat curve. - Does Xantrex do this?
    I notice they both are passively cooled vs Outback having forced air (quiet is good ;) )
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    Re: No Xantrex MPPT Efficiency Graphs?

    Xantrex is a single buck controller. As Bill posted at small differential of the array to battery bank the XW performs similar to the Outback, but if your doing any type of step down, like 48 to 24V, the Xantrex is last in the pack in efficient as its not a synchronous buck design.

    Xantrex doesn't post graphs as it would be an obvious competitive disadvantage to the MorningStar unit. And yes, the TriStar Mppt is parallel stages, 2 in the 45 amp unit, three in the 60 amp and is the primary reason for the best in class efficiency performance
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    Re: No Xantrex MPPT Efficiency Graphs?

    Very helpful,
    Thank you!
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    Re: No Xantrex MPPT Efficiency Graphs?

    Some offgrid perspective, the efficiencies are really more meaningful to people who are selling every watt and even then these are small amounts. To an offgrid user the higher efficiency might allow you to complete a battery charge cycle 5 minutes faster in a 3 hour absorb cycle. One would probably not care. I have used all three of these and never seen anything less than 90% when I cared to look...

    The thing that is important (to me) is the lack of things to go wrong like fans and in the M-star a lack of input relay and the switching sound that goes with it. I also like the Magnum CC and it's 250 V operation model and plan to use one this summer for long wire runs. This is an area that is expanding and there will be news on another one later this year from another company, I am sure! Long wire runs and the physical work, cost of wire, and the joy of using really small wire gage are where I do not mind losing some efficiency one bit.
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