HELP please - set up in progress.

Hello all,

I am needing some expert opinon(s) here regarding my upcoming setup.
100acres with a pond and a small shack of a pool house, I guess :).
I got 16 identical Monolite 12 SLA 75 (SCPE75) 75AHr 12V batts.
Thus it is a 1200AHr 12V system as far as battery bank.

I have a 12V water pump I will be using for the Garden and a shower (estimating 30min average a day). it will be be PEXed from the pond about 80ft to the pool house (where pump and batts and whole set up will reside), T-off one run to the side of the building in a form of the shower, another to the garden for watering (about another 120ft run). Pump specs are here:

I live in WI (thus average sunlight 4hr give or take), however, this setup will be mainly used from April - October. There is NO Sun tracker application, thus panel(s) will be mounted on the roof of the Pool House.

inverter: - it will mainly be used for a Camper and it's AC unit so we can spend nights there HERE & THERE (thus AC will NOT run continuously) without 'cooking'. Inverter will also be mounted in the pool house, however, Outdoor AC wire+outlet will be mounted from the pool house via 100 feet of Triplex AC Boat Cable - 10/3 Marine Tinned Wire, it also will be enclosed in your regular PVC conduit and buried (as well as all the PEX for water and electric fence wire).

Electric fence energizer (to keep deer and other animals away from the garden), - wire buried to the garden from the pool house via same 1/2" PVC conduit as AC 10GA wire.

Lastly, there will be about 50ft of 12V LED rope light with on/off switch in the pool house itself (may be used for 45min daily).

Batteries will be mounted INdoors and all leads will go to the appropriate BUS-bar (so basically a + bar and - bar).
Leads from the bus bar bar to the inverter via 0ga(1hot) cable, a bit overkill for 8ft run but that is OK.

Here are my questions:
will a 12VDC 150Watt panel be able to recharge my bank?
for controller, contemplating 360w /12v-30a (in the event 2nd panel needs to be added)?
I am still trying to figure out if my battery bank is sufficient for all my needs?
On a GOOD sunny Day, will I be able to fully recharge the bank if it went (lets say down to 25%).
Should I entertain adding a Wind turbine (12VDC with controller, thus do not need a hybrid/diversity controller) or a single 150Watts panel will do?

Thank you in advance.
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