Only getting 1/2 PV output to batteries.



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    Re: Only getting 1/2 PV output to batteries.

    I don't remember how accurate your controller is--but other charge controllers run between 5-30% error... Most of them are designed to optimize charging and costs... They (usually) do not claim to be accurate current meters.

    The current measurements are accurate enough for them to perform their MPPT functions.

    Assuming you have the extra wire moved to the other side of the shunt (so that all negative current flows through the shunt itself and have calibrated the meter (if needed)... You should be OK.

    Check the meter reading when the sun is down (or the charge controller disconnected) and see if you see a leakage current or not. Several amps of leakage is a lot for a small RV system and would run your battery bank down pretty quickly if not addressed.

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    Re: Only getting 1/2 PV output to batteries.
    CJW8 wrote: »
    I've been out there all afternoon and evening. The de- moisture switch was on. Apparantly, that feature still works even if the refer is turned off. The refer door was warm.
    I found I have a short in the lighting curcuit going to my slide outs. I found this by pulling all the DC fuses and putting my Fluke meter in series with each circuit and turning stuff on. I was unable to locate the exact location of the short so I left that fuse out.
    My shunt is 500A/50 mV. I didn't get a chance to read the mV while it was still charging.

    CJ, great that you found the main source of your phantom 4.5amp load.

    The 500a/50 mv shunt is going to be problematic for getting the trimetric to read really accurate... Figure that 1 amp is .0001volts or .1mv...pretty small.
    With the fridge in LP cooling mode and your radio and sensors operational you will see <>.5-.7 amps...When the fridge is not cooling <>.2-.4. The valve pulls .2-.3amps.

    You will find that the radio is about .1-.2 when off.. I put a switch on mine to turn it off completely. It sucks to do this because I loose all my settings.

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    Re: Only getting 1/2 PV output to batteries.

    All is well. I lifted the frame ground and the Trimetric agreed with the Rogue within .2 amps.

    Now I see that the Trimetric is a flow meter in and out of the battery and all charge sources feed loads before the battery, it makes sense.

    The trimetric manual recommended the 500a/50 mv shunt for RV's. I am guessing because they are giving you enough shunt to have over a 1000 watt inverter.

    I am more than pleased with the Rogue 3024 compared to the Xantrex C35.

    Thanks for everyones assistance.
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