Portable Wind/Solar system box

I’m looking to build a small portable wind/solar system that can be easily moved to different locations, so it seems to makes sense to package most of the electronics in one box. The attached picture tries to describe the 12V off-grid system, so I wanted to see if anyone could come up with reasons not to do something like this in terms of NEC issues. This would need to be a well-ventilated NEMA 3R metal enclosure, and the battery box is located outside (of course). In terms of grounding, the wind turbine tower and solar panels would be grounded together at that location, and there would be a short (20-30 ft) SOOW cable to this box (yes, not sunlight safe but perhaps OK for short-term use?). I think I can size the conductors and components to comply with NEC, but I’d love some other opinions on the overall idea of putting this into one box. Thanks!



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    Re: Portable Wind/Solar system box

    even though you have a vent there you may have a problem with heat building up inside the enclosure even if it is large. the components will most likely be fine for nec compliance, but they don't always mesh together well for good functionality. a muffin fan with a thermostat may help that though.

    i find that portable, or mobile if that's a better word for it, may not be the biggest concern, even though that does pose its problems, as few have found small wind to be very viable even if the installation were to be permanent and you are adding the complexities of portable to the equation. will you carry a 60+ ft tower with you as that's not exactly my idea of portability?
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