Adding a third charge controller

Island Mon
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Hello everyone,

I am looking for input regarding an off-grid system in need of additional panels.

The current system is composed of :

24x Siemens SR100 100w 12Vdc panels - 5.6A rated current
2x Trace 4024 inverters, series stacked to allow for 120/240V operation
2x Trace 40A 3 stage charge controller/40A dc load controller
12x Rolls FLA batteries, wired in series/parallel for 24Vdc.

The panels appear to be wired in series and parallel. There are 4 strings of 3 parallel sets of 2 panels in series.

The 4 strings are then run to a combiner where they are consolidated to 2 sets of 4ga wire to the DC distribution box.

Both positive wires are connected to their own 60A array breaker, and then run to their own charge controller.

From the charge controller, the positive wire from each are run to two 250A battery breakers.

The owner would like to add between 4 and 6 panels to give him some extra charging ability.

The new panels will be wired to provide 24Vdc to the distribution center.

Should these additional panels be wired to their own charge controller?
If so, would I simply tie the positive lead from the charge controller to one of the 250A battery breakers?

The battery breakers are wired so that one lead from the battery bank feeds one breaker ( the other breaker is fed by a jumper that connects both 250A breakers) and the inverter leads are each wired to their own breaker.

I appreciate any input/advice.

Island Mon