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You must reply to the sign up email sent to you when you signed up before you can post in this forum. Also be aware that a few ISP's, such as AOL, block a LOT of email, so you may have to use another email address.

This forum is owned and operated by Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, Inc. We sell solar stuff.

This forum is free and unrestricted usage for all (even our competitors). We do not generally censor or delete any posts, but there are a few ground rules:

Updated April 9, 2012

1. No commercial ads. No solicitations or advertisements. Go sell your gray market cellphones someplace else. No links to our competitors for items or products that we sell (If we don't carry it, no problem).
1a. Pre-Banned IP's: Due to execessive and ongoing spam, we have pre-banned a large range of IP addresses, including most of China, India, Vietnam, many Amsterdam IP's, and various others. You can ask for an exception to the ban by emailing us.

1a. No Links to sites with excessive paid advertising: Especially those with numerous Google Adsense or other "pay per click" paid advertisements or banners. Any posts containing links to such sites are subject to editing or deletion on a case by case basis. We are not part of your link farm for pay-per-click advertising sites.

1b. Topic Links: We get a lot of spam from people posting somewhat legitimate looking topics. These are usually of the form "have you ever tried xxx", with a link. Don't do it, moderators might get mad. These links to known scam/junk sites are now being automatically censored as we find them.

1c. Signature Links: Links in signatures are usually (not always) OK. Basically the same rules above will apply. Links to such things as your solar photo album are usually not a problem. Links to business sites (yours or others) are on a case by case basis.

For example, if you work for or own Kyocera, a sig link to Kyocera Solar is OK. If you work for and are competing with us, forget it. Anything inbetween those extremes, ask us, but usually OK.

2. No Spam. If you post a message selling your stupid Nokia ripoffs, you and your IP will be banned instantly. We also have some entire countries banned, such as most of China and several other common spam origins.

2a No "special interest" or political posts. Yeah, I know they are hot topics, but they lead to a lot of hate and discontent.

2b No Personal Messages to forum members advertising your products. If we get complaints about it, you will be instantly banned.

3. Members may post their private property for sale.
-- Links to YOUR private property on eBay are OK, but any posts with eBay links are subject to being deleted or edited (a) after 30 days or (b) if the moderators feel it is a commercial link.
-- No Dealer sales of any type are allowed without prior moderator permission. (added July 14 2011)
-- Links to manufacturers and our website is OK (yeah, ok, so maybe links to our site are commercial, but after all we DO pay for this board).
-- No group buys will be allowed to organize on the forum. Too difficult for moderators to manage and misunderstandings between buyers can occur. [Moderator: "BB."; added 5/26/2011]

4. No pictures of naked iguanas - female iguana must be wearing a bra or swimsuit.

5. No posts praising Al Gore for saving the world.

If there are any questions about those policies, contact us or one of the moderators.

Sales and order inquiries should be emailed (or call them) to our main store, not here. See our main store page at for contact info and store addresses.
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