Solar Generators

Not sure if this is exactly a product, but it does present an interesting opportunity for a person who is into solar energy to spread the word or do more commercial type applications.

Finding a good name can be hard to do. Personal hobby of mine, thought I'd share.

The domain (website address)

is now listed for a six day auction at sedo. Last I checked it was bid at $100, which is a great price for a site name of that quality.

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I would imagine the site could focus on generators, either for personal use or for large scale industrial as well as technical information or even for reviews. seems like the sort of place that has a lot of expert opinion and information as well as a passion for the solar industry in general.

If interested you would have to move fast, because once the domain is gone its unlikely to be available without paying a lot of dough. The US extension targets an audience in the United States and North America. All other major extensions are either gone or wildly overpriced. Worth looking into.
For those who have considered getting a website or blog going of their own, or are already doing some sort of commercial activity this could be a great opportunity.

Where to get your piece of the Break link to Sedo action

Have a fantastic day and enjoy the sun!


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    Re: Solar Generators

    good luck on getting it. i'm sure windsun is happy with what they have. there is more to it than a name you know as there are actual products and services for solar involved and not just the wheeling and dealing of web names.
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    Re: Solar Generators

    Just someone trying to be creative in hustling a web name (URL) for extra bucks. Guess it is better than dealing drugs anyway.:blush:
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    Re: Solar Generators

    Solar is about the coolest thing going. Seems to me that it has huge potentials for decentralizing power. Even if it remains mostly centralized it should make some ground against the grip that the oil industry has on society and the planet.

    The name is really suited more of a niche type site. Good for a specialist, advanced hobbyist or a dealer trying to attract that particular market segment. Its pretty challenging to find a good name these days in an accessible niche with enough potential traffic to make a site worth building.

    Similar domains in that market and extension are pretty much asking an arm and a leg. Figured it might be of value to someone who has interests in that aspect of the solar market or is looking for a cool name, that actually has potential to get visitors, to showcase their own setup or something.

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    if you're into that sort of thing. Personally, I find it fascinating.

    I figured it would be of interest to users of this forum, I think is targeting a broader spectrum of users with more of a shotgun style approach.

    Anyhow, I plan on hanging out on this forum for a while. Researching an off-grid setup, hopefully can get all the research, equipment and land together within a year or so.

    Not trying to come off like some kinda smack dealer or anything :)
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    Re: Solar Generators

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