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what are some stores in the upstate new york area for renewable energy products? like solar panels and deep cycle batteries?


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    Re: info needed

    interesting question as i believe you want to go in person to an actual walkin store. i can't say off-hand what may be there in your state, but you can search this from solarbuzz and just contact some of them to see who you can go to in person. some may not be stores or what you have in mind for windowshopping for.
    you could possibly search your phone book too. keep in mind the bulk of solar products go via shipping with few actually having a storefront. our host does have one, but is too far for either one of us to just drop in and shop at.;)
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    Re: info needed

    The only one I know of is the Empire Solar store in Troy ( I've not been in there, however, as I bought all of my solar supplies for my upstate off grid home from this forum's sponsor and my batteries from Sam's club in Latham (across the river from Troy). When I go to L16s I will need to find a local battery distributor...

    If you do visit Empire Solar let us know what it's like. I may go in myself out of curiosity.
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