Heard of an Inverter by ADDCO?

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Late yesterday afternoon, I was looking an the remains of an old state highway department's solar powered road sign made back in the late 1990's. I was a 12v system with a 30 amp controller and powered by six 75 watt Siemens panels. It appears that it once had a keyboard/computer board and one could type a message and the 8'x8' black sign would put it into lights....

The old inverter has a brand called ADDCO and the model was called PV II.
It looks to be a 12v to 110v, 1,500 watt inverter in a heavy vented case about 15" size cube. I would be guessing it was to power the computer keys/system, and lights, and with more inspection, it might be a PSW inverter.

If it works, it might be had for under $40... I didn't get the Model number, but still wondering about the Brand and possibilites for a smaller 12v array.

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    Re: Heard of an Inverter by ADDCO?


    I have heard of one but never used them. You come across a lot of old crap out there that frankly is good as a boat anchor.

    Six months ago found a guy on CraigsList selling a 200 watt solar converter. Turns out it was a something from the early 1990's that was used by the Forest Service up in the hills where there was no power available. Massive thing, size of a service entrance on a house.

    I bought some other things from him (NIB 400 watt wind-generators) and he tossed in the controller. Finally tracked down some of the people who worked at the place and they told me to forget about it that the stuff was too old to be any good.