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hello, this is a bit off topic but seems to me it's the best place to ask...

I just bought an old 35' rv to put on some land I own with no electricity. The owner put in a regular, old, house fridge that run's on 120V.

Since the rv cost 2500$, I can't justify the cost of a new, or even used, propane fridge. I plan on having a small generator but don't want it to run 24h per day.

I taught of putting a lot of icepack in the fridge, and once a day, start the generator and put the icepack back in the freezer for one hour but don't know if it would work...

Any other ideas?




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    Re: rv fridge

    The first choice would be look for a used RV 'frige. They can often be found for reasonable $.

    The second would be to get an inverter that would run your existing 'frige (it would need to be pure since wave and probably 1500 Watts - that's going to be $600 new: http://store.solar-electric.com/sa15wa12vosi.html) and some deep cycle batteries (a couple of 6V 'golf cart' type would do - another $300) and a good battery charger (more money, I'm afraid: $125 http://store.solar-electric.com/ioen12vo15am.html) then use the generator for two-three hours per day to recharge the batteries which will keep the inverter and 'frige going the rest of the time. You'd probably have power to spare for running other things like a couple of lights.

    But since you're clearly looking at $1,000 expense here (don't forget the necessary wires & fuses) finding that used RV 'frige looks better. You can sometimes find used propane units too.