Feedback search for eBay

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I know some people are hesitant to buy equipment from eBay, so I wanted to pass along this site I found. It allows you (among other things) to search an eBay user for negative feedback only ... so you don't have to wade through 5396 comments to find the negatives. No membership necessary.



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    Re: Feedback search for eBay

    cool. works. i found my one lukewarm feeback - [i sold a dude a 20-year-old bike and his comment was that it could have been maintained better.]
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    Hi Marc, this is a long shot, but hoping that you are somehow still connected to this forum. I have one of your original MPT-3024 controllers and looking to upgrade the firmware. With your site being down, I'm hoping we can connect directly and get the file over email. If you're still here, please (please) respond.