Freedom 458 2500 watt inverter Error E03

Set up,

'01 33ft Class Motor Home (mostly boondocking)

Xantrex Freedom 458 2500 inverter w/130 amp charger w/ LINK 1000

Six (Costco) 6V GC Batteries Series/Parallel 12, 660 AHs @C20)

3/0 cables (10' total length) with 2/0 inter connects. 300 AMP T fuse

BZ 25 Amp CC (I know, need to upgrade, thinking about a C40)

310 watts of Solar Panel (I know, Should have more)

This E03 (Charger over heating) has occurred a number of times over the last year. Ambient temps from <40*-80*F>. Battery SOC <60% - 95%>.

Recently, I did a capacity test (C20) and ran my batts down to about a 20% SOC, after equalizing them, and while recharging them, the charger output was 130 amps, for over two hours w/out and error, finished charging the next day,still no error.

I replaced the batteries (good ol Costco) after the test showing about 60% of rated capacity. Also the efficiency value on the Link went from E97 to E64

Symptoms when this last occurred were

Battery SOC >95%, End of day, Showing -15 AH on link, Needed the gen to grind coffee for next day,(Sensitive Grinder)

Charger Started at 110 AMPs, but voltage would not go above 13.8(9) (should go to 14.5), AMPs started dropping, down to 78 AMPs, over about a 5-10 minute period, did not go into accept mode, stayed in bulk. Then the E03 started flashing.

This has happened on three sets of batteries, First set was ~6 years old, second set less than 5 months old, and now on the replacements about a month old! Figured the first set was EOL, and maybe causing the problem. Maybe I was too quick to replace them!

This has happened mostly on the generator, but also on shore power at home.

Any ideas?
Thanks for any help offered.
Paulden, Arizona

"All that is gold does not glitter,
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