battery charger(s)

Hi all,
I have a need for a 36 volt dc charger. Is there someplace I can find one?
Can I wire the out put from 3(three) 12 volt chargers in series to get 36 volts?
Does anyone know what could happen if I try it?
If this will not work is there a simple way to charge the three 12 volt batteries without taking them out of series?
Why, you may ask.
I have a 36 volt dc motor that I would like to run with solar and batteries.
Would like to be able to charge with ac charger in a pinch.
Thanks for the help,
Tim P


  • dsp3930
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    Re: battery charger(s)

    Google --> MASTECH 36v 10A -or- MASTECH 36v 30A
  • Brock
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    Re: battery charger(s)

    Depending on the charger, yes you could use three 12v chargers. I know the iota charger are fine running their output in series, the Black & Decker / Vector chargers are also fine running the output in series. I wouldn't just wire the chargers in series; rather hook each one up to a 12v section. This will make sure each 12v is really topped off where in series they can become unbalanced as time passes, usually an EQ will fix that, but this just avoids it from the get go.
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  • Vic
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    Re: battery charger(s)

    And, since you mentioned that Solar Panels are in the mix, many of the current genreation MPPT Charge Controlers will charge 36 Volt battery banks, am just now setting up just such a bank. The MX-60 from Outback, (now discontinued and replaced with the FM-60/FM-80), and even the Xantrex XW SCC will do 36 V banks.

    The MPPT CCs are usually fully featured, and more expensive than the more basic units. Have not looked at the latest units from Morningstar, or at the Rouge MPT-3024 (altho its Vin Limit may preclude 36 V batteries).

    EDIT: The Rouge works with ONLY with 12 and 24 V banks ... Good luck, Vic
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