RCD nuisance tripping, Fault before RCD ?

Hi All, Anyone heard of or know if a fault before RCD`s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Residual-current_device) could cause them to trip,
I have a main line from Solar/power shed that then get split out to several distribution boards with RCD`s, I am getting nuisance tripping on them, I know of water getting into a splice in the main line that I have to go sort, But that is before the RCD`s , Could it / Would it cause them to trip , I can`t see it would ?

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    Re: RCD nuisance tripping, Fault before RCD ?

    Tim, I agree that "faults" before the breaker should not trip it unless, the "fault" is in the neutral. If you have an "open Neutral" then current upstream may be finding its way back via neutral / ground bond.?

    RCD aka GFI's have a high failure rate but they usually don't fail in concert.?

    BTW You don't want more than one RCD on a circuit, they will cancel each other out and may give false tripping.
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