LCD Tv Power

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Does anyone know what TV brand, let's say 22",
uses the least amount of power?


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    Re: LCD Tv Power

    If you can get your hands on a "real TV"--get a Kill-a-Watt meter and take it to the store and check them out for average power consumption.

    I guess the LED-Back Light are supposed to be getting more efficient. In times past, the older protection TV's could use less power than LCD types...

    The old picture tube TV's could even be more power efficient.

    You might try this data base from California--it has a few televisions with ON POWER listed... Guessing, but saw a few that where around the 45-70 watt area for what appears to be ~22" TV's...

    You have to select electronics and download an Excel or CSV type file...

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    Re: LCD Tv Power

    You can also reduce power consumption of LCD TV by turning brigtness, contrast or backlight down. My 19" LCD computer monitor pulls 26 Watts at factory settings. After turning brigntness and contrast to 15% it now pulls 19 Watts. Did the same with 50" LCD TV and it runs noticeably cooler to the touch.
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    Re: LCD Tv Power

    arming yourself with some of the ratings for tvs is great as it will give you a rough guide in your quest, but as bill stated there is no substitute for measuring its consumption first hand. store lighting is a problem as this needs max brightness for you to perceive it well and it won't reflect what you may like at home. i had my 32in lg down to 32w and i could've cut back more, but those settings aren't good for me so i keep it a bit higher like around 60w and e star says it's 88w. for the record, my older 20in crt was variable around 40w. these 2 don't compare by size so if you looked at it as w/sq inch the flat screens will usually fair better, but some are real power hungry and aren't e star rated in both categories. as i said arming yourself with the e star specs should help tremendously even if you don't take the real step of measuring the power, which i recommend.
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    Re: LCD Tv Power

    nice chart sg, but he is looking for 22". got any link in that category as all the e star links you cannot search just by size and makes for a tedious search? that's why i didn't post the link for the federal list of e star tvs.
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    Re: LCD Tv Power

    Follow the links, LG 22LH20, 20" is 55 watts, the LG 26LH20 26" LED is about 110 watts, not much different that the link above when sorted by power usage.

    Personally for 40 watts I would get the 42" over a 20" screen anyday

    Philips 42PFL5603D was listed as 92 watts
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    Re: LCD Tv Power

    dit you know that phillips is not making its own lcd tv it is using SHARP or LG.:roll:

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    Re: LCD Tv Power

    The new wave of LED TVs (back-lighted with LEDs, not LED pixels, this is a marketing "tweak") are pretty good in low power consumption -
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    Re: LCD Tv Power

    I checked my 67 inch Samsung Led DLP and it fluctuates from 126 to about to 150 watts depending n the color. I wouldn,t even worry about watching a dinky tv.I do have one of little 22 inch lg that I can hook up tomorror if I have time.
    cnet is a good place to check tv, also amazon