Kohler no longer warrented for off-grid

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For those of you with or considering buying a Kohler generator for off-grid use, Kohler is no longer honoring warranties on most (all??) generators.


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    Re: Kohler no longer warrented for off-grid

    Yes, I saw this on another list.
    So, tell me, where else would you USE a generator besides off grid ?

    I guess they mean for it to be used for backup power when the grid goes out.
    Low duty cycle and very intermittently. So, why don't they just use a run timer and say it is only warranted for so many hours of run time ?
    I can only interpret this to say that Kohler has been having lots of failures.

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    Re: Kohler no longer warrented for off-grid

    I was looking through their website for the actual warranty document--did not find one of their 1/3/5 year limited warranties. :confused:

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    Re: Kohler no longer warrented for off-grid

    I'd think it would mean not warranted for continual off-grid power supply, as opposed to occasional power. Maybe they feel the gen needs to rest once in a while. From a technical standpoint, there is no difference; the thing runs, it makes power, you use the power. Does it matter where or when or for what? Nope. Adverse conditions and poor maintenance would void the warranty anyway.

    Warranties! Most of the time they're not worth the paper they're printed on anyway. :grr
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    Re: Kohler no longer warrented for off-grid

    Some time ago was looking for an LP genset rated for Prime Power, could not find a Kohler Prime rated genset smaller than 25 KW (which is large for residential off grid use).

    But, given the recent reliability of our grid utility (PG&E), Standby use can run into days and days of gen run-time, which is really Prime Power. Another factor might revolve around non PFC-corrected Chargers, and the peak demands they can place on gensets.

    My on grid site has had more generator run time than my off grid site. Vic
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