Solar Pool & Solar Hot Water Install

Afternoon all,

I am an installer located in South Florida. Looking for new products for a solar pool and a solar hot water install. Would like to get real world experience from anyone who has used a Heliocol/Sunstar, Aquatherm, or FAFCO system. These are the three big brand names that I have found for solar pool hardware. THe local distributors have done the normal back and forth about their competitors, but I'd like to get some field feedback versus salespeople.

Also, I have just begun researching my solar hot water installation. Solene is the pretty one that I have found via two major searches - one that was productivity based (they make a lot of hot water), and one that was just a popular name search. What else are people installing today?


John F. Weaver
Leaf Solar Power LLC
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  • russruss Solar Expert Posts: 593 ✭✭
    Re: Solar Pool & Solar Hot Water Install

    You know about this İ suppose but just in case -

    Great job they do in rating the various solar thermal panels.
  • stevendstevend Solar Expert Posts: 34
    Re: Solar Pool & Solar Hot Water Install

    Re solar hot water, I've installed a bunch of the Enerworks systems. Plenty of satisfied customers - though I'm in Ontario, Canada, slightly different climate. Fairly easy install though.
    Some additional stuff about the way their systems work on one of my webpages:
    Personally I've done the roof and pipe run sides, I haven't done the tank side. I'm no plumber.
  • LucManLucMan Solar Expert Posts: 223 ✭✭✭
    Re: Solar Pool & Solar Hot Water Install

    Not installing many pool systems, but have been happy with the AET panels for DHW. Well made panels with high output per sq. ft.
    You could probably pick up your panels as they are manufactured close to you.
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