Battery monitor choices

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I have a Blue Sky 3024. I am looking for a remote battery monitor for inside the trailer. I wa the thinking of the IPN remote display from Blue Sky. I see some suggest the Trimetic monitor. I feel the Xantrex is over priced.

Would I be better off with the trimetic or the IPN?



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    Re: Battery monitor choices


    How is the xantrex overpriced? I bought a link lite for $208 which included the shunt. The trimetric cost more when you have to buy the shunt separately. The linklite did not need a conduit box and was very easy to install. If you want a better deal check the victron. Google victron battery monitor and a company in Maine sells them for $195 shunt and wiring included, I think that is the best deal on a battery monitor available today. Another thing is that the linklite has better features than the trimetric( you can monitor another battery bank and you can install a relay on the alarm feature to start a generator or buzzer or whatever).

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    Re: Battery monitor choices

    I love the tri-meteric.

    The BS ipn comes in two different configurations if I recall. One that only monitors the second you can use to configure the controller(s) (IPN "PRO" remote?)

    Personally I would go with the tri-metric so you can move it if and when the system grows, or you buy a different controller.

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    Re: Battery monitor choices

    The Victron has more features than the Xantrex Models. I hear that the Xantrex Link Lite Pro has been discontinued, was told that last summer.