RV solar panels

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Looking for a solar panel for my RV. Are there panels specially rated for RV use? Are they more vibration resistant? What are the differences?



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    Re: RV solar panels

    no there aren't any just made for rving, but some amorphous types may be more rugged (no glass to break) with the drawback of about 1/2 of the power production for a given area of collection and note that i don't mean they can be abused as no pvs should be subjected to abuse. all types need to be mounted and secured properly. you should go with the most power that you can safely secure to the vehicle. that term of the most power may be nitpicking and more a factor of cost per watt as the efficiency and output of many quality pvs will not be worlds apart excepting for the amorphous types of course. another remote possibility to steer clear of may be to stay away from any that may make the wafers too thin such as sharp does, but this may not be much of a factor either as they are all very breakable to one degree or another and nearly all are warranted for some stress such as hail impacts.
    there is the option of using remote ground mounted pvs too as these portable setups allow you to be in the shade if it's available and to collect more power than one may have been able to get from rv rooftop only setups. the drawbacks to portable ground mounts are possible accidental damage and theft being they are more accessible.