Watch Out for those "Smart Chargers"...

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Some of the new Solar Charge controllers that can be networked directly--Hope the manufacturers are being paranoid about software/download/code security.

Here is the latest "gadget" to have backdoor code... A USB battery charger:

Energizer Battery Charger Comes with a Software Backdoor
If you've bought the Energizer DUO USB battery charger, you might want to uninstall the software immediately. Why? Because it comes pre-loaded with a backdoor that can let someone remotely access your computer.
The United States Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) has warned that the software included in the Energizer DUO USB battery charger contains a backdoor that allows unauthorized remote system access. In an advisory, the US-CERT warned that he installer for the Energizer DUO software places the file UsbCharger.dll in the application's directory and Arucer.dll in the Windows system32 directory. An attacker is able to remotely control a system, including the ability to list directories, send and receive files, and execute programs. The backdoor operates with the privileges of the logged-on user.
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    Re: Watch Out for those "Smart Chargers"...

    Yes that is the last place I would expect to pick up a trojan, from my Duracell USB Charger LOL

    I guess this unit has been discontinued anyways so thats good.