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    ok i think i've got this now as i took a pic of my neighbor's 6ft fence as it shows it well at this point. not long ago that fence was pure green along with lots of other things as the sun faded it a bit.
    looking through the fence boards one can still see snow.:grr

    I get that green stuff every year, I spray it with Tilex ( smells like bleach) or watered down bleach and pressure wash it off. It's comes back again the next year. There are no plants close to where I spray so I don't know what the effects of the bleach are.
    I also have used the same mixture on the lichens on my roof, it kills them also and the rain washes the remnants off in a few months, but it always takes some of the aggregate of the shingles with it. Just trying to extend the life of my roof for another 5 years if possible.
    Zinc strips used to be available to prevent the formation of moss, lichens etc. on roofs.
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    so am i correct in saying this is a theoretical problem looking for a solution then? my point was in making the ph alkaline may make moss growth unsuitable, but it may kill off much of the beneficial bacteria in the septic tank too and hence why i stated supplementing the bacteria after the reversing its alkalinity. people do this too with probiotics these days and a properly functioning body would not need supplementation either. enough copper there may also stop the moss, but will stop the bacterial action to that same degree too. whatever you do do not put anything silver into the system as silver kills all bacteria. not saying you'd actually do that, but the ladies may lose a piece of jewelry from time to time.

    thanks for the replies on that green stuff. so am i correct in calling this algae or mildew?:confused: i will get some bleach and mix it with water and i will hand spray it on after hitting it with some soap and pressure to wash off any excess off of hard surfaces when the sun returns. i know some bleach will not hurt the soil, but repeating this several times a year could accumulate it and i'd worry about what it does to the plants and grasses. i will do this only when no desirable plants are there to be hurt by the bleach. the grass i can replant later if need be.
    maybe after the plants are there i could again use the baking soda as this should not harm the plants and this may bring the overall ph back to center again.
    boy it's been a rough winter for me in so many ways and this was only 1 aspect of it.:grr
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