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This is my first post to the forum. I just upgraded the solar panel system in my RV. I started out with 30 Watts just to keep two 6V batteries charged and now I have four 6V batteries and about 400 Watts. I just bought a Xantex 1750 Watt power inverter that seems pretty heavy duty. The instruction manual says I need to keep it on a non-combustible surface. I would like to put it in a storage compartment and inside a metal or fiberglass box. I've already checked the local hardware stores but nobody has anything that fits. Does anyone know of anywhere I can get a box to put this that will be non-combustible?




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    Re: Power Inverter

    If you put in an enclosed space, it could get very hot, and will possibly trip out on overtemp.

    The reason they say that is because at full power it can put out a lot of heat, and because their lawyers told them that there is no such thing as too many warnings.

    Though they can get pretty hot, I have never herd of one getting over 180 degrees or so, and that is far below the ignition point of anything but perhaps yellow phosphorous 8)