1000 V modules in the US

Wasn't too sure about this but is this correct that 1000V modules can only be used for commercial use and not for residential?

If so, has anyone heard of any plans on changing this where 1000V modules can be used in the residential areas as it is in Europe?


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    Re: 1000 V modules in the US

    Wow, 1,000 volts!
    Most wire I've been exposed to is rated for only 600v!
    My 106v string gives me pause. 1,000v = 14ft air gap?
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    Re: 1000 V modules in the US

    Generally, home wiring is limited to 600 VAC maximum (all our components, equipment, etc. are tested/listed to this level for standard 120/240 VAC circuits).

    Could it be done--probably... Most likely, the old catch 22, don't have the product because their is no market. And no market because there is no product.

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