Xantrex GT advanced settings

aj164aj164 Solar Expert Posts: 122 ✭✭✭
In the Xantrex GT RS-232 paper on RS-232 commands, there is a small set of "advanced" and "oem" settings. The paper says "advanced" mode requires a password, but the password is given in the documentation.

When I try the advanced password as given, "adv", it doesn't work. I've read online that there actually is a real (protected) password for the advanced settings.

Does anyone happen to know how I can get to some of these? I'm not trying to get into settings to alter the operation; I simply need to reset the "lifetime kwh" to reflect the real lifetime kwh at this installation. When you change inverters, obviously the total kwh is no longer correct for the site.

Thanks in advance -- pun intended :D



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