Wind generator plans link DIY

Here is a link to a money saving wind generator set of plans. The kit can be built from mostly scrap and you don't have to buy anything. Just invest the time to make the kit. Works great for off the grid systems.

The link is-

The wind generator blade plan in the upper right of the link is the best blade I have ever used. Click on the plan to download the better quality file.



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    Re: Wind generator plans link DIY

    That would be nice if everyone owned a junk yard full of parts, however, we'll have to buy at least some components the old fashioned way and new.

    With the amount of work that's required, soon you'll be willing to pay for something that will run the first time. DIY usually comes with a price. Time, money or resources. And don't forget the tooling required to built everything. "Some assembly required".
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