stop switch for Air X

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I have had my Air X up for over a year with out a stop switch. for high winds 35 mph or higher I disconnect the Air X neg wire from the batteries and pos wire from the dc 40 amp curcuit breaker bolt them together. It saves the Air X like the paperwork says. The owners manual dated 10/09/2002 page 12 talks about a three position switch. I have not seen them for sale. I have seen the 2-position stop switchs for sale. I have read that the three position switch allows free wheeling in a certain position and is not recommended because of this.
the two position switch is where I'm a little confused. If I short the pos and neg
together while still connected to the batteries wont that short the batteries?
unless the power will not back flow thru the meter. the way I have my system is
Air X to circuit breaker to amp meter to batteries. neg is straight to the batteries.
six L16h-AC trojans. I am hoping someone can clearup my confusion


  • GreenPowerManiac
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    Re: stop switch for Air X

    Don't short out wires on purpose, especially batteries. They may explode or fry. Much better idea is a diversion load. This is in the charge controller if you have that option, otherwise there will be many other suggestions. A set of D/C lights or heating element in water/antifreeze solution. My diversion load is a D/C heater/fridge. Works good at gobbling up extra power in wind storms.
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  • Windsun
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    Re: stop switch for Air X

    The 3 position switch has not been sold for a long time, for the reasons you note. Only the ON-OFF one now
  • john p
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    Re: stop switch for Air X

    When you bought the Air X it should have come with the correct switch. it shorts the generator wires out but does not short the battery wires out. To short the battery wires out would damage the batteries and or start a fire
  • Blayd
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    Re: stop switch for Air X

    The instruction booklet that came with mine indicated the stop switch was more for safe service work or for emergency situations.

    From my not so good memory, it should kick into self protection for winds up to 120MPH. If the "float" is set properly, it shouldn't overcharge the batteries. Mine is set too high, so I just turn on extra lights during an extended windstorm and enjoy the Fenway Park look for a while. Eventually I will get around to adjusting the float on mine. I should have left it to the factory setting.

    My unit has come through some nasty windstorms, that ripped roofs off in the area and when it needed to went into the "stage 4" shutdown when it was near overlimit.

    The unit is what it is, only for back-up on stormy days, produces (in my humble opinion) very little for what was spent on it in total, yet has saved my bacon many times when the PV system wasn't producing to keep mission critical items running.