Configuration: Please critique

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Ok, here's what I have pulled together so far, comments welcome, especially if I have missed something big.

Phase 1: "turbine" Jan 2010
Go to TOU metering (PG&E E6)

"Free" Whisper 200 on 50' tower ajacent to outbuilding in San Martin, CA (near Gilroy) SWWP CC operating @ 48v (turbine was gift, so not a choice in config)
Note: Tower Pipe, concrete, rebar and permits ~ $1200 (labor NOT included)

Installed inside auxillary building (20x30 ft shop)
Xantrex XW4548 inverter
Midnight Solar E-panel
Xantrex System control panel
Xantrex Gateway wifi interface
250A battery switch
Midnight Solar MNBE-D battery box
8- SunXtender PVX 3050 AGM Deep cycles (~200 AH) option of 4050
#4/0 inter-Battery cabling
#4/0 battery to Inverter cabling

Limit Grid Tie "selling" to 20% of battery capacity during Peak times

Phase 2: "add PV array" (probably June 2010 depending on finances)
Xantrex MPPT charge controller to same battery bank
Xantrex AGS gen start for controlling external items from Xanbus
Kyocera KD205GX-LPU panels 14-16, series parallel to give 48V
installed on Roof of shop, approx 210 TRUE Azimuth, variable tilt.
National Semi SolarMagic MPPT for each string to give best performance

I am doing this primarily as a grid tie, not an off grid, with objective of capitalizing my long run power bills (currently running > 30kWH a day, > $300 a month).

Turbine requires battery bank, so that's why going with Hybrid, not direct grid tie solar.

Main Grid panel is diagonally across 1 acre lot from shop, so not planning to use grid fail AC support, other than from convenience outlets and 10GA extension cords if needed to support chiller in adjacent winery.


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    Re: Configuration: Please critique

    I am really confused here... Pretty much everything you are doing in Phase 1 is tossing money away. 1st assumption is that the wind turbine will give you virtually no useful power (and be very happy if it does give useful amount of power). And you don't need a battery backed system for anything--the batteries are a huge waste of money--both up front and over the years for replacements.

    Solar Magic--I would wait on that. Not sure that it would gain you much anyway.

    If you are going to go with solar PV and GT--try pricing the system just as a pure GT + Solar as if you spent the same amount of many as for your hybrid system (batteries, extra charge controller, solar magic, etc. all put into PV Watts+GT inverter). I would not be surprised if you got 4x or more useful power out of such a system ($$$/kWhr).

    Setup the genset as backup power (propane, natural gas, etc. if you need 10kW; a small eu2000i Honda 1,600 watt + 20 gallons of gas + fuel stabilizer + siphon for car/truck tank if you need only a little amount of backup power).

    I understand the gift of the wind turbine--but I cringe at how much this gift is costing you and how much frustration it will provide. (my 2 cents worth--sorry :blush: ).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Configuration: Please critique

    Phase 1: Objective is to get the turbine installed, and connected to the grid.

    (Its not a matter of getting it installed and connected being economically sensible, its a matter of honoring an obligation, the turbine is not an option in config)

    Whisper 200 needs batteries to function, suggested 200AH size hence the PVX 3050 or PVX 4050.

    Need an inverter that is Grid tied and uses batteries: that drives towards XW, and the rest is just bits and pieces.

    Phase 2: add in PV capability to existing system. Sufficient to meet nominal needs during expected usage and to defray power bill by selling during peak etc.

    battery back up is not a required feature, and I do have a honda genset for extended downtimes, which can be plugged in if desired. I can run a power cord for short use if there is downtime and I want to keep something critical up.

    In the event of significant down time (> 2 days...) I can disconnect from grid and simply feed the internal wiring from the XW. by moving two wires.