Adding aux. 12v outlet on small pumping circuit?

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Can add a 12v automotive outlet to my small solar pumping set-up? I want to be able to switch off the pump and then charge some cordless power tool batteries when needed.

My future set-up:
65w 12V PV (KC65t)
Linear current booster (7amp max.)
12V low flow pump

I realize the panel will put out more or less then 12V but what about hooking the 12V outlet on the output of the current booster?

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  • crewzer
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    Re: Adding aux. 12v outlet on small pumping circuit?


    I have to admit that I've never tried the configuration you're proposing. My gut feel, however, is that it wouldn't work very well, as the PV module's output probaby wouldn't be stable enough for the charger.

    Another solution that would be fairly inexpensive would be to add a small charge controller and a small 12 V battery, and just switch the PV array between the LCB and the controller. The charged battery could be used to charge the power tools directly (perhaps) or via an inverter.

    Take a look at a small Morningstar controller such as the Sunsaver 6, and a battery such as the Interstate SRM-24 or the Wal-Mart DC24-6 should work. Both batteries are rated for ~80 Ah, which would be a good match for your 65 W PV module.

    Jim / crewzer